UGH! 😡

P.S. Hey, there me two years ago! I’m sure things have been pretty tough on you and sometimes you think no one really cares, but just look up and try to see how vast everything is. There’s a lot of things you’d rather be thinking of than dwelling on the negative side. Trust me, it’s gonna get better. 🙂


Mood Swings

I usually don’t consider myself to be moody,  but sometimes I just couldn’t help it. 😣  Especially when I knew I didn’t do anything wrong and I get blamed for it. You want to stand your ground but you can’t because of so many reasons.  One of them may be authority,  but I’m not sure if we’re allowed to question it.

We do experience these kinds of irritating things sometimes,  but, meh,  there’s a whole lot more things in life that I should be thinking about other than the stupidity of other people. I would really be better off without it.  😛 Let’s just accept the fact that people makes mistakes. It’s natural and very human.

The Genesis

Genesis (n). The origin. The dawning of something new.

Hello there, papa bear! 🐻🐻🐻

So, this is the genesis. The beginning of something new. Edible Portion Only, is a blog about my everyday life as a student. Blogging is not new to me. I’ve started a few blogs before but many ended up forgotten. Now I want to start anew and be better. It may take a while, though. Not all things start with a bang. Some things start slow but steady.

I hope you all enjoy reading! 👓📖

Signed, Irish. ✒

P.S. The image above is an artwork I made named “Ocean Dawn.” #artsyfartsy